Part 1 - Discovery

This week I've decided to talk about two cool things I've come across.

Spherical Tires

Ok, so you might have watched the 2004 Sci-Fi movie "I, Robot" at some point. You remember that scene in the tunnel, where Will Smith gets blocked in by two trucks and has to fight a bunch of robots while driving a pretty sweet-looking Audi he completely destroys at the end? If you don't, here's a link:

Did you notice the tires? Yup, they are spherical. Anything is possible in the world of Sci-Fi tho. Except, Goodyear announced two new concept tires at the Geneva International Motor Show, and one of them is spherical!

It's currently just a concept, and for all we know might never even turn into a real product as such. Then again, it might. But thinking about the possible ways they might achieve this is certainly a good mental exercise. For starters, the Star Wars character BB-8 comes to mind.


Raspberry Pi 3 is out!!

Need I say more? If you like robots and electronics, you should check it out.

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