Part 1 - Discovery

Useful references

As I went over my calculations for the CNC Engraver, I wanted to make sure that my motors would not only have enough torque, but would also be able to move fast enough - no point in using them if I'd have to wait a year. Except, most stepper motor spec sheets don't give you much to work with, and I wasn't sure how to fit what I did get into the more common equations of this kind.

After some browsing around, I found a pretty helpful site that provides both a calculator applet for stepper motor speed, and a review of the relevant equations - this last bit is very important!

As I was putting together my CAM files for the ProtoTRAK at the Hobby Shop, I needed a good reference to double-check my feeds and speeds. Looking around, I found another very useful site with both a calculator and typical cutting speeds and feeds by material.

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